Saturday, 9 October 2010

Ascending Orb of Bloody Night

Ascending Orb of Bloody Night

The Ascending Orb
Of Bloody Night
Transfixes me with
Dark delight.

And Black Tiamat
Is drawing near
In her monstrous cave
We cower in fear!

And the bloodied moon
Lights our way
Into the amethyst womb
Of dark dismay

Equinox mother
Looming bright
Night-mare comforter
Of eternal night.

The crimson moon
Sails the bitter sea
With viscous veins
Slowly drowning me.

The pivotal point
Of balance nears
Magnifying all of
Our dreams and fears,

Terrifying creatures
Of the dreadful deep
Lure me into a
Fitful sleep

And the moon still
Shines on the salty sea
Beneath tentacled monsters
Unnerving me.

The nautical
Undines swimming near
The sullen song
Of the siren instilling fear,

Whilst white Gulls flap by the
Breaking surf
Their screeching cries
Abounding mirth?

The receding moon illuminates
The indigo night
Equinoctial tides rise
with magnetic might.

Invoking primordial Nammu
From the chaotic realm
From deep watery beginnings
Standing by the helm

Of the blood stained moon
Which perpetually shines
Upon the deep sinister waters
Primeval, divine!

Octave of the Autumnal Equinox 2008

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